Anxiety -

All of us, on occasions, can experience worries or mild anxiety, particularly in circumstances that may be unfamiliar or when we are under pressure. When, however, the anxiety begins to have a detrimental effect, it is important to seek treatment.

Anxiety can be experienced in many ways. From a sense of uneasiness that lasts through the day, to a sudden and seemingly unexplainable panic attack, which may also give a strong and very uncomfortable physical reaction. Anxiety can occur in many situations. Often it is quite clear to see a connection with an event, however in some circumstances, it can be difficult to understand why the anxiety has started. For example, anxiety could suddenly occur when you go shopping, travel by public transport, meet with others etc.

If you have experienced severe anxiety, and the associated physical reaction, it is quite understandable that you might try to avoid placing yourself into a similar situation again. This may result in avoiding others, particularly larger groups, only travelling on known routes, not going out alone and the like.

If anxiety begins to have a negative effect on your everyday life, it can be important to seek professional help.

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