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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), also called Cognitive Therapy, addresses the problems people face in the here and now. In Cognitive Therapy there is a particular focus on thoughts (cognition) and our actions or behaviours, which often without us knowing, play a part in maintaining and perpetuating a problem.

In Cognitive Therapy it is important to identify the thoughts and actions that may act as a catalyst for our problems and hindrances. To successfully overcome an issue, it is necessary to come to a clear understanding of what needs adjusting in terms of habitual thoughts and behaviours. It is only when we really become aware of our thought processes that we are able to create a positive change.

Cognitive Therapy also provides techniques to help you handle the difficult situations you encounter in everyday life. With the help of Cognitive Therapy, you will be well equipped to break habits that are detrimental to your private and working life.

The number of consultations necessary for a course of therapy is dependent on the individual and on the type of problem being addressed. For some, significant progress can be achieved after a small number of sessions, for others, a longer period may be required.

When we begin treatment we agree upon a framework for the consultations and set achievable and measurable goals for the therapy. We will regularly evaluate the therapy to make sure we are meeting your needs and wishes.

If you are often distracted by concerns and worries when you are at home or work, it could be useful to combine Cognitive Therapy with Mindfulness techniques. Mindfulness focuses on being “in the moment” rather than being occupied with thoughts about the past or future. It can, for example, be difficult being fully attentive towards your children or partner, when you are distracted by thoughts of tasks at work or concerns about the future. Mindfulness can offer a range of techniques and strategies to help you become calmer and more relaxed, enabling you to fully enjoy life.

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