Recommendations -

“The therapy sessions with Sabine have been very down to earth, easy going and helpful, cognitive therapy has helped me a lot with finding ways of coping with and fighting back certain problematic thoughts and evolve into a stronger person.”
Freya (client with OCD)

“Sabine was an absolute gem and I genuinely couldn’t recommend her more. On top of that, her English is outstanding so communication was flawless. 5 stars aren’t quite enough to rate this service.”
Joanne (client with anxiety and depression)

“After moving to Denmark, I was having issues with cultural differences which was contributing to my anxiety.  I was so grateful to find Sabine Schrøder! She has such a strong command of English that I would forget she is Danish.  I found her to be a very good listener without feeling judged. I thought her observations were very perceptive and insightful. She helped me by setting some realistic, weekly goals which I benefited from. I also found that my anxiousness was present when I had to fly alone. She was able to provide very practical tools to help me manage that anxiety. She has a broad wealth of knowledge and tools to help with life’s challenges. I always felt hopeful and encouraged after our sessions. In addition to her being a skilled psychologist, she was also helpful in dealing with inquires from my insurance provider. She used her own time to fill out material the insurance company was requesting. She allowed me to review everything before submitting to the insurance company so I knew our trust would not be violated. I would highly recommend Sabine!” Tina (client with anxiety)

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Sabine Schrøder