About me -

I am an authorised psychologist with a master’s degree in clinical psychology from University of Copenhagen and a bachelor and honours degree from University of Melbourne, Australia.

I have a broad range of therapeutic experience from both private practice and the public psychiatric health system. I have substantial experience with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) of anxiety, depression, stress, OCD, PTSD and personality disorders. For many years I have also worked with eating disorders in private practice and in the public mental health system. Finally, I have experience with couples therapy, mindfulness, supervision and lecturing.

I offer psychological services to English-speaking teenagers, adults and workplaces.

I have specialised in CBT and have engaged in extensive CBT training. I have also taught and supervised on CBT training courses.

I am a member of the Danish Union of Psychologists and of SAKT (Society of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapy)

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Sabine Schrøder